We are women of all ages, races and religions.  We come from Baltimore City and its surrounding counties.  We are employed or retired, educators and business women, mothers and grandmothers, married and single women.  Our lives and our skills vary widely.  But we all share a single vision.

We believe that every child should have a chance to receive a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment, thereby increasing the odds for a bright, healthy and successful future.  Our hope is that, by attending a Catholic school, each student will have equal footing in competitive school settings, be placed on a path for a viable and financially secure career, and be prepared to handle everyday life with accountability, responsibility, and confidence.

These ingredients lay the best possible groundwork for each child to become a productive and satisfied member of the community-at-large.  Thus the potential of each student is maximized, which, in turn, fosters the formation of good citizens.  By their example, communities are transformed – a win-win for the future.

That’s who we are, and that’s what we believe.  And that’s what drives the work of the Women’s Education Alliance.