Inspired initially, and to this day,
by Mary Catherine Bunting, ex officio

Executive Leadership

Betty Contino, Chair
Jean Halle, Vice President & Treasurer
Sue Strom, Vice President

Board of Directors

Mary Catherine Bunting, Director since 2011
Betty Contino, Director since 2011 –  President, Executive Committee member, Development Chair
Donna Easton, Director since 2011
Jennie Faust, Director since 2016 – Executive Committee member, Events Committee Chair
Beth Flaherty, Director since 2019 – High School Program Chair
Jeanne Gildee, Director since 2011 – Executive Committee member
Gina Gracie, Director since 2016 – Executive Committee member, School Support Committee Chair
Jean Halle, Director since 2011 – Vice President, Treasurer, Executive Committee member, Education & Tech Chair
Maureen Kalil, Director since 2011 – Marketing Committee Chair
Michele Matton, Director since 2011
Pam O’Neil, Director since 2016
Lori Pollack, Director since 2016
Sue Strom, Director since 2011 – Vice President

Committee Chairs

Marketing – Maureen Kalil
Events Management – Jennie Faust
School Support – Gina Gracie
Outreach & Development – Betty Contino
Education & Tech – Jean Halle
Scholarships & Student / Sponsor Relationships – Betty Contino
High School Program – Beth Flaherty
Finance & Operations – Dianne Bull and Kathleen Balser