School Support Needs

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School Support Needs

It takes more than the classroom to round out a student’s education. The list below indicates many opportunities to participate in School Support to enhance and broaden each school’s particular programs and areas of interest.

Field Trips
Teacher Appreciation Day

Summer Reading Program
School Supplies
Sports Equipment
Indoor Games

Bus Transportation
Outdoor Gardening Projects

Principal's Special Wish List
and a myriad of Individualized School Needs and more!...

NOTE: School Support also offers more comprehensive and extensive (and very very much needed) ways to help our schools. These opportunities encompass a range of needs such as:

Advanced technology equipment
Subsidizing compensation for critical school positions (nurses, guidance counselors,...)
Cultural programs (music, art, theater, arts & crafts)
Curriculum Support

To learn more and to give WEA your ideas for more impactful avenues of support, please email Betty Contino or call (410) 456-8228.

To send a gift to School Support, submit your donation online or print and mail our Donor Form.