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In 2006, through the vision and generosity of Mary Catherine Bunting, Women’s Alliance, the precursor of Women’s Education Alliance (WEA), became a reality. Ms. Bunting, a long-time advocate of equality in education, established a $300,000 matching grant to be completed within three years. The success of that grant was just the beginning

In March of 2012, a strong leadership team of 20 women forged a new path to expand women’s involvement in this initiative. They came together in workshops to create a new organizational structure and to clearly define the Women’s Education Alliance, whom we serve and how women can be supportive.

The beneficiaries of WEA scholarships are economically challenged Baltimore families who want their children to receive an academically excellent education and character formation that our four Catholic community schools provide. Success stories abound. To date, over $3 million in scholarships, technology, and school support has been awarded to deserving students and their schools.